Why haven't I received my donations? Stripe says my funds are "Settled" .

Stripe's terminology can sometimes be confusing when checking your payouts. Here's what some of the terms mean.

You can always check on your Stripe account balance and see where in the process payments are by going into yourUser Settingsand clicking on 'View Your Stripe Account' under the Payment Details section.

Your funds havesettled

You may receive an email from Stripe letting you know that your funds have settled. Settled funds havenotyet deposited into your account. When funds are "settled", it means they are pending processing which can typically take 1-2 days. Once the funds have processed, they will be sent to your connected checking account or debit card.

Your funds arein transit

These funds have processed and are on your way to you! In Transit funds typically deposit into your account 1 day after they're marked as In Transit in your Stripe account.

Your funds havedeposited

Your funds have successfully deposited into your account and should show up for you by midnight on the day they're marked asDepositedin your Stripe dashboard.

Payout issues

If you are experiencing payout issues, rest assured that they are fixable and your funds do not simply disappear.

Your payout hasfailed

Any time this error occurs, it means Stripe attempted to send the funds to the account and routing number you provided, but for various reasons, were unable to. This does not mean your money disappears. It simply returns to your Stripe account and Stripe will continue to attempt to resend it after a day or two.If you receive an email from Stripe or from Ever Loved or see that a payout has failed in your Stripe dashboard, you must take action in order to resolve the issue.

Payouts typically fail for one of the following reasons:

  1. You provided a savings account number rather than a checking account number. (Stripe does not deposit into savings accounts. You will need to update the number to a checking account number.)
  2. You entered the wrong account number when setting up Stripe.
  3. You have not yet activated the card or account that you connected to Stripe.
  4. Your bank has rejected the transfer.

We are able to see the failure reason on our end, so if you need help identifying the issue, feel free to reach out to us atsupport@www.vke-elektro.com-- we also notify you by email and let you know what the reasons may be for a payout failure.

I had a payout fail and I updated the account number. When will my funds deposit?

Stripe will typically attempt to resend the payment to your account aftera few days.如果你收到一个通知,支付失败的一个d you subsequently updated your account, you should receive a payout in a few days.

How come I've only received a portion of the money I raised?

There is a processing time for all funds raised during a fundraiser -- this means that if someone donates on a Monday and another person donates on a Friday, thesefunds will deposit at different times(the Monday donation will process and deposit faster than the Friday donation). If it's been less than 2-4 days since you received a donation, it means the funds have yet to process. We are not able to expedite processing time on our end. It's also a good idea to keep in bank processing times as this can delay payouts (banks generally don't process on the weekend or during bank holidays).

You can always check on your Stripe account balance and see where in the process payments are by going into yourUser Settingsand clicking on 'View Your Stripe Account' under the Payment Details section.

I'm not located in the US and want to collect the funds on my page. How do I set up an account?

At this time, we are not set up to support payouts to accounts located outside of the US or Canada. If you set up a memorial website and live outside of the US or Canada and are notified that folks have pledged to donate, unfortunately we will not be able to process the pledges. If this happens, feel free to reach out to us and we can help cancel the pending pledged donations to the page.

Pledges simply mean someone pledged to donate a certain amount of money towards your fundraiser once you connected a payout account. We donotcharge credit cards until a payout account is connected.