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Community Guidelines

We built Ever Loved to help people come together to celebrate the lives of their loved ones. Losing the people we love can be incredibly hard, so here at Ever Loved, we want to foster the most supportive community possible.

For this reason, we've put together a set of community guidelines, designed to help everyone on Ever Loved get the most out of the website.

  • Be respectful

    Keep in mind that most people on Ever Loved are grieving and feeling very sensitive. Never use Ever Loved to harass or be intentionally negative toward the deceased, the family of the deceased or anyone else in their community, even in cases where you may not agree with their actions.

    Refrain from sharing photos or stories that are pornographic or would be considered overly sexual to the average person. Never use a memorial website to promote yourself or your business.

    A memorial website should never be used to promote harm to anyone, including self harm.If you are an individual who is considering ending your own life, we urge you to reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at1-800-273-8255.

    也请尊重他人的欲望memorial websites. We believe that anyone should be able to create a website for someone they are grieving, so long as it follows our guidelines.

  • Be honest

    Never use Ever Loved to spread misinformation, lies, or false narratives or to raise money under false pretenses. Be honest about your intentions with the page, the life of the person you're creating the page for, and in your interactions with other users on the platform.

    If you see a memorial website that you believe is being used to spread false information, you can report it to our support team using the "Report memorial" link in the bottom right corner of the page.

  • Be transparent

    To help avoid adding tension to a difficult time, be as clear and open as possible when interacting on Ever Loved. You should always use your full name when creating a memorial website or commenting on one, so others know who they are interacting with. (The exception being if you are donating to a fundraiser, you may choose to donate anonymously.)

    If you are using Ever Loved to raise money for something, be as detailed as possible in your description of how the funds will be used. Using funds for anything other than what you've stated is fraud.

Memorial websites and/or posts that are in violation of these guidelines will be removed from Ever Loved, and in the most serious cases, will be reported to the authorities.

We appreciate everyone's help in making Ever Loved a safe space for people to remember the people they've lost.