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What to Say to Someone Whose Family Member is Dying

Words of comfort, encouragement, and support are incredibly important when someone has learned that a family member or loved one is sick or dying. They may feel alone, isolated, and unsupported without overt expressions of care and compassion from those around them. Showing your support during such

What to Say in a Condolence Text Message

When someone passes away, it can be difficult to know what to say, regardless of who it is. If you're unable or don’t feel comfortable visiting or calling someone, sending condolences in the form of text messages can provide comfort and solace to the bereaved. If you've never done it before, here's

What is the Etiquette for Flowers on a Grave?

If you've ever been to a cemetery or seen one in a movie, you've likely encountered the imagery of someone leaving flowers at a grave of a loved one. But have you ever wondered about the etiquette behind this graveside tradition? There are a few graveside etiquette rules to keep in mind when lea

Who Should Send Flowers to a Funeral?

When someone dies, it’s common for people to send funeral flowers to the family or to the funeral as a show of support and sympathy. However, even though it’s common to send flowers, you may feel unsure of the correct action, especially if you’re either really close to the family or not close at all

A Guide to Funeral Etiquette for Estranged Family Members

Being separated or estranged from a family member can be a difficult experience. There may be many reasons why you are not in contact with them, such as a toxic history, divorce, or simply not getting along. If a family member dies, it can be even more complicated. Do you attend the funeral? Is it a

Who Should Attend a Funeral?

When someone we know dies, it is natural to want to attend the funeral to pay our respects, but sometimes attending a funeral isn’t possible or isn’t desirable. There can also be confusion about proper funeral etiquette surrounding who should attend a funeral. Is attending a coworker's funeral typic

What to Wear to a Celebration of Life

When a celebration of life is announced, many people are unsure if they should come to the celebration in somber colors or bright colors. Is it considered bad taste to wear black or dark colors to a celebration of life? What about bright colors? Knowing the right outfit to choose can be confusing, b

A Complete Guide to Funeral Thank You Etiquette

Knowing who to send thank you notes to and who can go without after a funeral can be confusing. For example, should you send thank you notes for funeral flowers? Should you send a thank you note to someone who made a long journey to attend the funeral? Funeral thank you etiquette isn’t black and whi

How to Express Condolences via Email

通常在葬礼上被给予或v吊唁2022世界杯小组赛积分榜ia handwritten notes or cards, but with the invention of the internet, many have turned to email and online messaging as a way to express their condolences. Sending condolences is customary after someone dies, and most people will appreciate you gett

What to Bring to a Funeral or Memorial Service

If you’ve never been to a funeral service or memorial service before, it can be difficult to know what’s expected to you. Do you have flowers delivered before you arrive? Should you bring the family your home cooked meal at the service itself? What’s the protocol? Here’s what you need to know about

What is the Etiquette for Missing a Funeral?

If someone you know has passed away and you’re on the fence about whether or not to attend, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with the idea of attending a funeral, and, if they decide not to attend, aren’t sure how to make amends for missing the funeral. Keep reading to find out more informatio

What You Should Know About Military Funerals

Attending or planning a military funeral, especially as a civilian, can feel daunting if you’ve never been part of a military tradition before. Military funerals are structured, formal, and focused on honoring the fallen service member. It’s important to know what to expect when attending one so as

What to Say When Someone Dies

Finding the right words to say when someone dies can be incredibly difficult. Many people find themselves anxious and stressed over the “right” thing to say to someone who’s just suffered a loss. Sending a sympathy card or expressing your condolences to someone who has just lost someone is an import

How to Write Funeral Thank You Note Cards

Losing a loved one is a time where your friends, family, and community will likely show up to support you in any way they can. This support often comes in the form of lending an ear, donations, condolences, general availability, and flowers, among many other gestures. No matter the gesture, sending

Funeral Procession Etiquette

Even if you’ve never participated in one, chances are that you’ve seen a funeral procession on the road, and you may have wondered how they work or how you should react. Here’s a short guide to funeral procession etiquette for those planning, participating in or just encountering one. (However, as w