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Frequently asked questions

Answers to common questions about purchasing funeral products online.
What types of funeral products can I purchase on Ever Loved?
Ever Loved makes it easy to purchase caskets, coffins, urns, headstones and cremation jewelry from hand-selected, well-reviewed online sellers. If there are other funeral products that you'd like to purchase, we're happy to help you find a great option that's available on another website.
What are the advantages to purchasing funeral products online?
When purchasing funeral products through Ever Loved, you'll find that prices tend to be much lower than what you'll find at a funeral home. Funeral homes often mark up funeral products several times what they pay for them, because many people don't think to shop around and funeral homes have high overhead costs. Because we're a marketplace, sellers are forced to compete with each other on both quality and price, meaning that you end up with a great product at a great value. Ever Loved also gives you access to a wider range of funeral products from independent sellers that you will likely find through a funeral home.
Will my funeral home or cemetery allow me to use funeral products that I purchased on Ever Loved?
Yes! The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that funeral homes allow you to use a casket or urn that you purchased elsewhere, and they may not charge you a fee to do so. So long as your casket, urn or headstone complies with cemetery requirements (size being the primary one), you can purchase them anywhere.
Should I be worried about purchasing funeral products online?
Purchasing funeral products online is similar purchasing anything else online, except our sellers know that you're going through a difficult and stressful time and are ready to be as hands on as you need in order to ensure that you receive the perfect product without stress. We're also here for you for anything you need. You can view each seller's return and refund policy on each product page.
How quickly can funeral products be delivered when bought on Ever Loved?
Delivery time depends on both the product and vendor, but many caskets and urns can be shipped overnight, if needed. Headstones generally take longer, as they must be custom engraved. If you're on a tight timeline, always check the shipping information before purchasing.