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When you pass away, what would you prefer that your family does with your body?

I'd like a traditional burial

This usually involves embalming a body and burying it in a standard casket in a local cemetery. This generally costs around $10k, depending on the location and choices.

I'd like a green burial

This involves burying a body without the use of traditional embalming chemicals in a biodegradable casket or shroud. There are over 250 green cemeteries nationwide, but there may not be one close to your loved ones.

I'd like to be cremated

Cremation is generally more affordable than burial and is considered to be more environmentally friendly.

我喜欢我的老板dy to be donated to science

Donating your body to science is usually free for your family and can help with important scientific research and medical training.

我喜欢我的老板dy naturally composted into soil

Also known as natural organic reduction, this is the process of turning a human body into soil.

I'd like to be liquid-cremated

Also known as alkaline hydrolysis, this is a process that reduces the human body to liquid and bone fragments.

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What type of event would you prefer in recognition of your life?

A traditional funeral or memorial service
A more upbeat and casual celebration of life
A small gathering
Who should be included?
No event
No preference
What kind of event would you like?

Is there a location that you feel would be most fitting?

Is there anything specific that you would like people to do at the event?

Is there anything else that you would like to request?