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1. You add some basic information

Let people know what you're raising money for, and add other information about the deceased and funeral, if you wish.

2. Share the website with others

You can easily post the website on Facebook and send it out via email or text to your contacts. Sharing widely will help lots of people see it.

3. Anyone can donate

When someone visits the site, they'll be able to easily donate, and money will be automatically transferred to your or someone else's bank account, based on your preference. They can also leave their favorite memories.

创建一个memorial fund
In memory of
Rebecca Ann Garcia
Photo of Rebecca Ann Garcia
1983 - 2019
Bloomington, CA, USA
Open Quotation Mark
I feel like more people should know about this service. I really believe it is a great alternative to other crowdfunding sites, as it really focuses more on the loved one as opposed to just fundraising. We really felt like we were honoring Rebecca's memory and at the same time expressing there was an avenue to support the family financially for those who felt compelled to assist in that way.
Closed Quotation Mark
— Ralph Garcia
Rebecca's father

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2022世界杯小组赛积分榜Share funeral informationCollect funeral RSVPs
Share a funeral livestreamPost a note to friends and family
Receive photos, videos and messagesCollect funeral donations
Suggest donations to a charityLet people send you flowers
Send thank you notesShare family of the deceasedBuild a life timeline
Share their favorite thingsAnswer others' questionsAcknowledge caregivers
Personalize color schemeAdd other memorial co-managers& more

  • 2022世界杯小组赛积分榜
  • Share funeral information
  • Collect funeral RSVPs
  • Share a funeral livestream
  • Post a note to friends and family
  • Receive photos, videos and messages
  • Collect funeral donations
  • Suggest donations to a charity
  • Let people send you flowers
  • Send thank you notes
  • Share family of the deceased
  • Build a life timeline
  • Share their favorite things
  • Answer others' questions
  • Acknowledge caregivers
  • Add other memorial co-managers
  • Personalize color scheme
  • & more


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The easiest way to collect memorial donations


In addition to creating a memorial fundraising campaign, you can share an obituary, funeral details, photos and more — all on a single website.

Quick setup

You can create a memorial donation campaign in minutes. Fundraisers are easy to share via email, Facebook and anywhere you can post a link.

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Ever Loved doesn't charge anything to raise money on our platform. Standard payment processing fees (2.9%+30¢) will still be deducted from donations.

Why set up an online memorial fund?

Memorial funds are a great way to help cover funeral expenses and other costs or raise money for a cause that was important to your loved one.

Memorial fundraising is becoming commonplace as a way for others to express their sympathy and make a gesture in memory of the deceased. A death in the family often causes financial hardship and unexpected expenses, and crowdfunding can help to relieve financial burdens.

Others prefer to suggest that their friends and family members make a charitable donation in lieu of sending flowers.

How to start a free memorial fund


创建一个memorial website

Share basic information about the deceased. You can also choose to include an obituary, funeral details, photos, stories and more.


Choose your cause

Request donations from your community in lieu of flowers, and select either a personal cause (e.g. funeral expenses) or a charitable cause (e.g. American Cancer Society).


Start fundraising

Easily share the memorial website via email, Facebook and any other place where you can post a link. Others will be able to donate in minutes, and you'll be notified when they do.

Read how real people have used Ever Loved

Philip Jalwan, known as “Best Papa” by his family, was the life of the party. Always the center of attention and always the first to get up on stage at any opportunity, he was dedicated to living “the good life.”

When Philip was younger, he worked tirelessly to support his family . As an accountant, tax season was particularly stressful. It was during one of these stressful tax seasons that Philip developed ulcers that truly scared him. After getting these ulcers, he set his sights on pursuing “the good life.” This meant a life full of good food, good music, traveling to beautiful places, and enjoying all that life had to offer. It also meant a life full of love and joy – his grandkids were his world and he took every opportunity to instill a sense of joy and laughter into their lives (and the lives of others). Known as Uncle Phil to people who weren’t related, the neighborhood Santa for all the kids on the street, and the Easter Bunny for Easter, he tried his best to spread love wherever he went.

Philip passed away on April 11th, 2022 after a short battle with COVID. Though Philip’s family was unprepared for his loss, they focused on honoring Philip’s life and his wishes after passing. While his family hadn’t discussed specific details in end-of-life planning, Phil had made it clear that he did not want a sad and somber funeral. He told his family that he wanted a big party to celebrate his life. The responsibility of planning the party and end-of-life tasks fell to his wife, Mary, and his daughters. While his wife focused on the logistics of coordinating a celebration of life for Philip, his daughter, Kristin, started searching for ways she could help. Knowing Philip had lots of friends and family from all over the country, Kristin wanted a platform to invite friends and family to the events and share photos and memories of Philip’s life.

Kristin eventually landed on Ever Loved due to its easy-to-use interface, the ability to post and share unlimited photos, and the ability to help coordinate funeral events with folks all over the country. In addition, Kristin really wanted something that was personalized to Philip and not just an obituary posted among thousands of others. She appreciated the customizable nature of Philip’s memorial site to make his site stand out from others, as well as the prompts on the page to encourage visitors to think about different ways that Philip impacted their life.

Philip’s memorial website is complete with photos throughout his life, memories from loving friends and family, and even a video of Philip speaking Spanish for a course he took as an adult. Philip’s impact on his community is also evident through the successful fundraiser on his memorial page, in which the family raised money to support Philip’s grandchildren’s education. His appreciation for–and dedication to–the good life is evident throughout his memorial website and is best summed up by a quote the family included in Philip’s obituary: “One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it’s worth watching.”

创建一个memorial websitearrow pointing right

Birthed from fire and earth signs, both Cameron and his twin sister Morgan started life differently than most. Cameron’s parents were passionate about having a strong foundation for their kids to grow from. Cameron’s family valued education, entrepreneurship, “thinking bigger”, and doing important work that impacted others – values that would ultimately lead him to accomplish great things both during his life and afterwards. Cameron’s determination and dedication to these goals started early when he began leveraging technology to streamline his jobs, at the early age of 16. This passion and use of technology would later springboard him into his roles at Goldman Sachs and Domo, Inc.

Cameron first encountered health issues at the age of 19 while attending University of Oklahoma on a track scholarship. He was having difficulty seeing and a brain tumor was discovered. Rather than let this defeat him, Cameron had a renewed interest in working hard and clarifying what it was he wanted to accomplish in his lifetime. Cameron would spend the rest of his life dedicated to the cause of becoming a “champion of people”. He was impassioned around helping underserved populations accomplish their dreams, no matter the size. (Cameron would frequently say, “Dream big, and then, dream even bigger.”)

With this dedication to supporting his community, helping underserved populations build generational wealth and enter into high paying roles, Cameron was instrumental in integrating previously disenfranchised members of his community into positions of leadership and power. During this time, Cameron ended up with another brain tumor that would ultimately lead to his passing. Though he was determined to recover, Cameron ensured his loved ones were taken care of in the event that he passed by making his end of life desires clear and having a frank discussion with his family about what his continued legacy would look like. His desire to help his community grow has continued well after his passing, especially with the use of funds raised on his memorial website on Ever Loved.

While looking for ways to share news about Cameron’s passing, raise funds for his legacy, and connect Cameron’s extended family and broad community Morgan, Cameron’s twin sister, landed on Ever Loved. She referred to Ever Loved as “the catalyst that truly allowed them to share Cameron’s story”. Cameron’s memorial website on Ever Loved is full of stories, gratitude, photos, and memories from so many people he impacted, mentored, and helped along the way. Due to Cameron’s extroverted nature and involvement in his community, there were many, many people the family needed to inform and connect with surrounding his passing. Posting his memorial website allowed them to connect these different communities in Cameron’s life, all in one space.

The family was able to post funeral service information (including sharing Cameron’s specific request that everyone attending the services wear athleisure and sports wear!), share a detailed obituary and start raising money towards the profoundly impactful Cameron Russell Williams Diversity Impact Scholarship. This scholarship, (which raised over $78,000(!) on Cameron’s Ever Loved site) aims to continue Cameron’s legacy and desire to support his community through helping young black students, entrepreneurs and professionals pursue careers in tech.

The ability to have “one source of truth” (as opposed to ad-hoc posts on Facebook or other social media) for photos, memories, videos, donations, tributes, event information and other logistics surrounding Cameron’s passing was helpful to his family and allowed them a space to honor Cameron’s legacy in the long run.

With the funds raised on Ever Loved, the Williams family was able to create the Cameron Russell Williams Impact Fund (CRW). With this, Cameron’s family was able to:

创建一个memorial websitearrow pointing right

Start a memorial fund

Raise money in memory of your loved one.


What is a memorial fund?

一个纪念基金是一种募集资金在内存中of someone who passed away. Memorial funds can benefit a charitable cause (or multiple charitable causes) that the decedent cared about or be used to help with personal expenses, such as funeral costs, a memorial bench or a college fund. It's common for people to want to make a gesture when someone passes away and many will be looking for memorial donation ideas, so creating a memorial fund is a great way to guide people in the direction of what would be most helpful or meaningful.

How do I set up a memorial fund?

即使你从来没有做过,学习to set up a memorial fund is easy. Start bycreating a memorial websitefor your loved one. From there, you'll be prompted to add information on what the memorial fund is for and how much you'd like to raise, if you have a goal. Once you're happy with the website and fundraiser, it will be easy to share with friends and family via email, text, Facebook and more. Anytime someone donates, the funds will be automatically transferred to the bank account you link.

What is memorial donation etiquette?

Donating to a memorial fund is always optional, but we've found that a large number of people generally want to make a gesture and support the family after someone passes away. If you're donating to a memorial fund, donate whatever amount you feel comfortable with; every gesture is important--whether it's $10 or $10,000. If you're still unsure what's appropriate, a good loose guideline to follow is to donate roughly what you'd otherwise spend to send flowers, which is usually between $50 and $300.

What types of things can a memorial fund be used for?

Memorial funds are incredibly versatile in that they can really be used for anything you'd like to collect donations towards. If your loved one had a favorite local charity, you can set up a memorial fund for that. If they were proud of their alma mater and wanted to support future students, you can start a memorial fund for a scholarship. If they had children that are in need of assistance, you can start up a support or college memorial fund for them. Memorial funds are any type of fund that's in memory of your loved one.

How can I make sure a memorial fundraiser is successful?

Memorial fundraisers are most successful when a larger number of individuals are aware of the fundraiser. Many friends and family members want to help a family that's just lost someone in any way they can and would be more than willing to donate to a memorial fundraiser. You'll want to make sure you get the fundraiser in front of your community and ask that they share it with their friends and family to maximize the number of people who see it. Families find the most success with fundraisers that are filled out and deliver a message to those who are seeing it for the first time. This typically includes adding some photos of the deceased, adding an obituary, providing information on upcoming funeral events, and asking others to contribute to the memorial website. Simply follow the tips on your memorial website to find out what kind of content you can add.