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Printable end-of-life resources

Find guides to help you or those you support navigate different end-of-life issues. Feel free to print and distribute any of these guides to whomever you think will find them helpful.

What to Do When Someone Dies: A Checklist

A comprehensive checklist of 36 important things that should be done after someone passes away, plus tips on how to get everything done as seamlessly as possible.

How to Plan a Funeral on a Budget

A set of handy tips to cut down unnecessary funeral costs, while still planning a meaningful sendoff for someone.

8 Ways Ever Loved Can Help If You've Recently Lost Someone

A basic overview of the main ways that Ever Loved helps families, from reducing funerals costs to effortlessly bringing people together.

Planning a Funeral During COVID-19

A complete guide to help families navigate the many complexities of planning a funeral during the COVID-19 pandemic, including many actionable suggestions and alternatives.

5 Conversations to Have with a Terminally Ill Family Member

An important set of prompts to guide conversations that family members should have with anyone who is elderly or terminally ill.