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Create an online funeral guestbook

Easily collect photos, stories, condolences and more to celebrate a life well lived.

Completely free.

How it works

1. You share the information you wish

We'll guide you through adding information, including an obituary, funeral details, family, photos, memorial gift preferences and more. Almost everything is optional.

2. A custom website is created just for you

Everything you share will live on a custom website just for your loved one. You can share the page with others, and they can find it themselves using online search.

3. Everyone can contribute

Friends and family can post their own photos and memories of your loved one, receive notifications of updates, reach out to the family and more.

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In memory of
Photo of Byron Bernard Louis
1956 - 2020
Thornton, CO
Open Quotation Mark
Ever Loved gave everyone a space to share all their wonderful memories about him. It was so special to hear old and new stories that further solidified how much light he brought to this world, and just how much he was loved by all. His memorial website will be a great way to keep his memory alive for years to come.
Closed Quotation Mark
— Vanessa Louis
Byron's daughter

Everything that's included on your free website

Choose which features you'd like to use.

2022世界杯小组赛积分榜Share funeral informationCollect funeral RSVPs
Share a funeral livestreamPost a note to friends and family
Receive photos, videos and messagesCollect funeral donations
Suggest donations to a charityLet people send you flowers
Send thank you notesShare family of the deceasedBuild a life timeline
Share their favorite thingsAnswer others' questionsAcknowledge caregivers
Personalize color schemeAdd other memorial co-managers& more

  • 2022世界杯小组赛积分榜
  • Share funeral information
  • Collect funeral RSVPs
  • Share a funeral livestream
  • Post a note to friends and family
  • Receive photos, videos and messages
  • Collect funeral donations
  • Suggest donations to a charity
  • Let people send you flowers
  • Send thank you notes
  • Share family of the deceased
  • Build a life timeline
  • Share their favorite things
  • Answer others' questions
  • Acknowledge caregivers
  • Add other memorial co-managers
  • Personalize color scheme
  • & more

Create a website

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A great way to remember a beautiful life

Easy sharing

Anyone can post a photo or story to someone's page. It's a great way to gather everyone's memories.

A better guestbook

Make it easy for everyone to share their condolences, regardless of location. It's a better funeral guestbook.

100% free

Set up a memorial website for free and capture as many memories as you wish. There are no costs associated.

Why gather memories online?

After losing someone, it's natural for friends and family to want to come together to share stories and remember the good times. However, now more than ever, people are spread out around the country (and around the world).

创建一个在线纪念马kes it easy for people to connect with one another during a difficult time, and it makes it easy for you to capture important photos and memories all in one place.

Friends and family will also be able to easily share their condolences with you, so you know you're in their thoughts, even if you aren't able to see them in person.

How to collect memories on Ever Loved


Create a memorial website

Set up a page for your loved one with their basic details, photo and more. You can even add an obituary, personal note, and funeral event information, if you wish.


Add your own memories

Get things started by sharing your own memories to the page. Find a photo that makes you smile or think of a story that really shows the personality of your loved one.


Share with friends and family

Easily post the memorial website to Facebook or Twitter — or send it out in a beautiful email using our tool — and ask friends and family to share their own memories. You'll get updates as they do.

Collect memories

Enjoy the memories of your loved one during a hard time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's an online funeral guest book?

An online funeral guest book is essentially a memorial website—a place to collect people's memories and condolences on a website. Anyone can visit a memorial website at any time and share their photos, stories, videos and condolences, even if they aren't able to attend the funeral in-person. These posts then live on the website and are easy for anyone to revisit.

Why should you have an online funeral guest book?

Many people are now choosing to use memorial websites as online funeral guest books instead of having physical guestbooks for several reasons. Memorial websites allow anyone to contribute online condolences, even if they can't make it to the funeral. They also make it easy to upload and share photos, which is much harder in a physical book. Lastly, they're easy for anyone to access at any time in the future, meaning everyone is able to revisit fond memories of your loved one. If you're looking for more modern funeral guest book ideas, a memorial website is a great starting point.

Do people need to be tech savvy to use an online funeral guest book?

It's easy to use Ever Loved to both create an online funeral guest book and share something on one. Our site will guide you through the quick process of setting one up, and then it will be easy to share the link with others via email, text message, Facebook and more. Anyone who visits the site will be able to post a story, photo, video or condolence message in just a few clicks.

Who can contribute an online funeral guestbook?

Anyone can contribute to an online funeral guestbook and can do so on a phone, tablet, or computer. Ever Loved makes it easy for you to set up a site to share with friends and family and easily collect condolences, memories, photos, donations, and more. Your guests will be able to leave their condolence or message with ease and you can access them and look them over at any time.

What types of content can people share in an online funeral guestbook?

Online funeral guestbooks on Ever Loved are set up to let visitors share photos, condolences, share stories, memories, and even post videos. This content is easily accessed on the Memories tab of your memorial website and lets you start a collection of media remembering your loved one's life and their impact on others.