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Easily share funeral details with friends and family, and keep track of who is planning to attend. Completely free.

How it works

1. You share the information you wish

We'll guide you through adding information, including an obituary, funeral details, family, photos, memorial gift preferences and more. Almost everything is optional.

2. You can send out invites

Everything you share will live on a custom website just for your loved one. You can send out matching email invites and share the link with others via email, text, Facebook and more.

3. People can respond

Friends and family members can RSVP if you'd like, share their photos and memories, and be notified of any new updates or changes.

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In memory of
通过ron Bernard Louis
Photo of Byron Bernard Louis
1956 - 2020
Thornton, CO
Open Quotation Mark
Ever Loved was instrumental in helping us communicate with everyone - we didn't have contact information for all the many people that knew and loved him so this was a great tool to help spread the word (especially in terms of disseminating important information about the virtual services since COVID had a real impact on in-person events).
Closed Quotation Mark
— Vanessa Louis
通过ron's daughter

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2022世界杯小组赛积分榜Share funeral informationCollect funeral RSVPs
Share a funeral livestreamPost a note to friends and family
Receive photos, videos and messagesCollect funeral donations
Suggest donations to a charityLet people send you flowers
Send thank you notesShare family of the deceasedBuild a life timeline
Share their favorite thingsAnswer others' questionsAcknowledge caregivers
Personalize color schemeAdd other memorial co-managers& more

  • 2022世界杯小组赛积分榜
  • Share funeral information
  • Collect funeral RSVPs
  • Share a funeral livestream
  • Post a note to friends and family
  • Receive photos, videos and messages
  • Collect funeral donations
  • Suggest donations to a charity
  • Let people send you flowers
  • Send thank you notes
  • Share family of the deceased
  • Build a life timeline
  • Share their favorite things
  • Answer others' questions
  • Acknowledge caregivers
  • Add other memorial co-managers
  • Personalize color scheme
  • & more

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Spread the word

Make sure everyone knows how to take part in the funeral. Publish event information online and send out a beautiful email announcement.

Make it personal

Go beyond a basic invitation. It's simple to add multiple events, collect meaningful photos and stories, share an obituary, and more.

Stay organized

Ever Loved helps you keep track of who you've invited and who's attending, so you can focus on what matters instead of worrying about logistics.

Why create an online funeral announcement?

Now more than ever, a person's friends and family are spread out across the country and around the world. By sharing a funeral announcement online, you can easily make sure that everyone is kept in the loop and knows how to participate.

Ever Loved's online invitation and RSVP tools also make it simple to know how many people are able to attend, so you can plan accordingly.

Plus, it's completely free.

How to create a funeral announcement on Ever Loved


Share key information

Create a memorial website for your loved one. Add key identifying information such as name, birthday, and a photo. You can also choose to share an obituary, if you'd like.


Add details for any funeral events

Enter the time, location and any other helpful information for each funeral event you have planned. Friends and family with the link will be able to see the event information and RSVP.


Share with friends and family

你可以直接分享到活动页面的链接(for example, you may want to post it on Facebook) or send use our invitation tool to send out beautiful email invitations with the details.

Create a funeral announcement

Help everyone honor your loved one by sharing a funeral announcement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a death announcement?

A death announcement is a short printed statement letting people know that someone has passed away. Historically these were published in the local newspaper, but today, it's much easier to share this information online, and many people are using memorial websites to do so.

Why should you make a death announcement or funeral announcement online?

Sharing information about a death online both lets you share a lot more information about the person who passed away and makes it easy to share that information with as many people as possible. It's easy to add any information you'd like to a memorial website and then email out a beautiful funeral service announcement that links to the website for more information. You can also share the link with others via Facebook, text message and more. This allows you to make a much more heartfelt death announcement.

What should you say in a death announcement or funeral announcement?

There's no one right way to make a death or funeral announcement. That being said, if you're not sure where to start and you want some help with funeral announcement wording, Ever Loved hasfuneral announcement templatesthat can help. Many people choose to start with a sample funeral announcement and then customize it to make it theirs.

What should you avoid in a funeral announcement?

Funeral announcements can vary depending on the events, the family, and the audience. In general, you'll want to avoid including content that's highly graphic or will be disturbing to those reading. Additionally, you'll want to avoid talking down on the deceased or their family, blaming others or the deceased, or using the funeral announcement as a way to hurt others.

Do you have to make a death announcement in the newspaper, too?

Making a death announcement in the newspaper isn't typically required, unless it's required by your state's probate law. Some state laws require executors to place a death announcement in the newspaper as a notice to creditors and potential heirs that a death has occurred. If you aren't the executor of the estate, you typically do not need to worry about making a death announcement in the newspaper.