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Ever Loved helps you take care of everything in one place. Easily find the best providers, share the details that matter and raise the funds that you need.

Celebrate your loved one with a beautiful, community-oriented memorial website

Easily share an obituary and funeral events. Plus, collect photos, stories and memorial donations from friends and family.


Publish a free online obituary that anyone can view. Easily collect photos and stories from others, all in one place.

Share events

Easily get the word out about funeral events in just a few clicks, and collect RSVPs, so you don't need to worry about surprises.

Get financial support

Set up an optional fundraiser, so friends and family can chip in to help with funeral costs. You're not in this alone.

Make sure everything
gets taken care of

  • Learn about over 50 post-death tasks
  • Assign tasks to yourself and others
  • Get instructions and tips for each
  • Track what has been done

Save thousands of dollars on caskets, urns, headstones and more

We've brought together some of the best independent memorial companies to help you find exactly what you're looking for at the best possible price.

Find guidance, support, inspiration
and understanding.

We have resources to help you through every stage of funeral planning, memorializing and grieving.

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Plus, learn aboutfuneral etiquette,funeral customs,funeral songs, and more.

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